23 April 2014

Looking Forward to Carlsen - Anand II

In my previous post, Khanty-Mansiysk Candidates - Wrapup, I wondered,
Is this really the last post for the Khanty-Mansiysk Candidates? I wouldn't bet on it.

Good thing I didn't bet on it. First I updated my pages on World Chess Championship : Index of Players, to add the Candidates tournament. Then, with Carlsen - Anand II in mind, I went back to my Carlsen - Anand Wrapup post from December 2013 to review Match Resources.

The Google News search on 'Anand Carlsen' brought up over 1500 recent results, including an article from TheHindu.com, It will be a different match this time: Anand. It started,

For Viswanathan Anand, the wounds of the world championship defeat have healed, and the emotional turmoil has settled. Now, with uncluttered mind and renewed vigour, the five-time world champion is keen to return the favour to Magnus Carlsen when they meet again later this year in another summit clash.

"I have a fairly good idea what I want to change (about my game), and what went wrong (in Chennai). I will choose my team accordingly. I am waiting for the bid (for the world championship match venue) and I will have a clearer idea after that," said Anand at a promotional event here on Wednesday.

That sounds like the Anand that ruled the roost before the disastrous match with Carlsen. Their next encounter should be even more spell binding.

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