30 August 2017

Magnus in the Race to Challenge Magnus

Just after the 2017 Sinquefield Cup, Peter Doggers of Chess.com interviewed the World Champion.

Magnus Carlsen On Playing The World Cup (6:37) • 'Magnus Carlsen, World Chess Champion, discusses his participation in the FIDE World Cup in September in Tbilisi, Georgia.'

According to my records, Carlsen has played in knockout tournaments in three previous World Championship cycles:-

  • 2004 FIDE Knockout World Championship • Lost rd.1 to Aronian. This was the last title tournament using the knockout format; Kasimdzhanov won.
  • 2005 World Cup • Lost rd.4 to Bareev, but qualified for the Candidate matches, where he was eliminated in the first match by Aronian.
  • 2007 World Cup • Lost rd.6 to Kamsky, who went on to win.

If he reaches the final of the 2017 World Cup, he will have prevented all 64 players in his half of the elimination matches from qualifying into the Candidate tournament.

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