15 November 2017

2018 Candidates, Berlin

I added a new page for the 2018 Candidates Tournament, to be held in Berlin, and included it on my index page for the World Chess Championship. The eight-player tournament, to determine a challenger for the next World Championship title match, is scheduled for March next year.

As for the title match, it is currently scheduled on the FIDE calendar for 9-28 November 2018. According to World Chess Championship 2018 in London? (chessdom.com), from early last month,

The World Chess Championship 2018 is going to take place in London. This is what the renowned Spanish journalist Leontxo Garcia writes for the chess section of El Pais, quoting two “close sources” to the organization of the match. [...] Agon says the decision is not official and other venues are still possible.

Earlier this year we learned,

Oslo has been dumped as a potential host city for the next World Chess Championship, with its arranger and the Norwegian government arguing over the reason why. (newsinenglish.no)

See World Championship, Oslo 2018 (June 2017) on this blog for the announcement by Agon.

08 November 2017

C28 Zonal Qualification Paths

In the previous post, C28 Other Zonal Clippings, I wrote, 'Next step: Add a page showing the Qualification Paths (QP) for all players in the 2017 World Cup.' This is now available in Zonal Qualifiers 2016-2017 (C28). I also added links for this page to the zonal index, World Chess Championship Zonals, and to the cycle clippings, Zonals 2016-2017 (C28).

Next step: The roadmap for the documentation of the cycle, Notes on C06, C07, C27, and C28 (May 2017), lists two more steps that were done for the previous cycle:-

  • 2016-01-27: C27 Zonal Rating Reports
  • 2016-02-03: C27 Zonal Links

I can do this when all of the reports are available in the FIDE ratings database. Before I check their availability, I have a number of other tasks to do.

01 November 2017

C28 Other Zonal Clippings

In the previous post, C28 Zonal Clippings TWIC, I wrote,
For the five qualification events remaining to be documented, preliminary info was given in C28 Zonals (September 2017). I'll add the documentation for those five as soon as I can.

That's now done with all continental championships, zonals, and related events for the current cycle accounted for and documented on the page Zonals 2016-2017 (C28).

Next step: Add a page showing the Qualification Paths (QP) for all players in the 2017 World Cup (see the previous cycle, C27: Zonal Qualifiers 2014-2015, for an example). The preliminary work for the new page was done in C28 Regulations for World Cup Qualifiers.