11 August 2021

A New Cycle Is Evolving

In my previous post, TWIC Documents Chess History (August 2021), I wrote,
I'm currently waiting for two concurrent World Cups to finish, so I decided to bring my personal copies of TWIC up to date.

The two World Cups finished this past week, so I used the TWIC files to prepare the PGN files for both events, added the headers for the rounds to 2021 World Cup; Sochi (Russia), VII-VIII, 2021, and created 2021 FIDE Women's World Cup [same venue and dates] on the index page for World Chess Championship for Women. I also updated two pages for qualifying events by adding the latest announcements from FIDE:-

The FIDE announcements were all made in the three weeks since I created the pages for the post A New Cycle Is Advancing (July 2021).

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