01 April 2007

FIDE World Cup Qualifiers (2007)

The FIDE World Cup Qualifiers are a mixture of continental championships and zonals. The European continent has a continental championship only, while the other continents have both. The only information I can find about these events is on the FIDE Calendar 2007. The following events are listed and appear to be qualifiers.

European Events
European Individual Chess Championship 2007 • Dresden, GER • 2-Apr-2007 • 16-Apr-2007
EU Chess Championship 2007 • Arvier, Italy • 15-Jun-2007 • 24-Jun-2007

American Zonals
Zone 2.3 Chess Championship 2007 • Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Zone 2.4 Chess Championship 2007 • to be confirmed
Zone 2.5 Chess Championship 2007 • to be confirmed

American Events
Absolute Americas Continental Chess Championships 2007 • Cali, Colombia • 11-Jul-2007 • 24-Jul-2007

Asian Zonals
Zone 3.2 Championship 2007 • Bangladesh

Asian Events
Asian Individual Championship • Manila, Philippines • 1-Sep-2007

I assume the European Individual Chess Championship is the Continental Championship, but I include the EU Chess Championship because I'm not sure what the difference is.

To Be Continued


Later: It occurred to me afterwards that the EU Chess Championship is for the 27 countries (25 before 1 January 2007) that make up the European Union. I doubt that it is a qualifier for the World Cup.