27 September 2023

Small Projects Checkpoint

After last week's post, Forthcoming Events (September 2023), it's time to shift gears. In the past I regularly prepared a summary of open points that required attention. The most recent posts were for 2020 and 2021:-

I'm not yet prepared to do a similar overview, but at least one topic demands attention -- documenting the qualification paths for the most recent World Cup, 2023 World Cup, Baku (August 2023). It's a time consuming procedure that involves pulling together various sources of information. Here's what I produced for the previous cycle (C30 in my system of numbering the World Championship cycles):-

While I was looking at those posts, I added the phrase 'World Cup' to my index pages. The entries for World Cup events previously listed only venues and years. That worked when there was only a single qualifying event for the Candidates event, but in recent years there have been as many as three qualifiers: the World Cup, the Grand Swiss, and the Grand Prix.

For the current cycle (C31), the Grand Prix has been scrapped and replaced by 'High-Level International Tournaments (HIT)'. See FIDE: 'No' to GPX and GCT; 'Yes' to HIT (January 2023), for the previous post on the subject.

20 September 2023

Forthcoming Events

The previous post, 2022-23 WGP Wrapup (September 2023), was the last of my updates for recent events. For this current post I updated my two main index pages by adding links to Wikipedia for forthcoming events:-

Also worth mentioning are two FIDE pages describing the next WCC cycles:-

At this time I'm not sure why there's a discrepancy between the years for the two cycles. The unrestricted championship says, '2024 DATES AND HOST CITY TO BE ANNOUNCED'. The women's championship says, 'DATES AND HOST CITY TO BE ANNOUNCED'. The FIDE Calendar currently lists four events for the two separate cycles:-

  • FIDE Grand Swiss and Women’s Grand Swiss 2023 • Isle of Man • 23 Oct 2023 • 06 Nov 2023
  • FIDE World Fischer Random Championship • • 19 Feb 2024 • 25 Feb 2024
  • Women's Candidates Tournament • Toronto, Canada • 03 Apr 2024 • 25 Apr 2024
  • Candidates Tournament • Toronto, Canada • 03 Apr 2024 • 25 Apr 2024

I include the 'FIDE World FRC [Chess960] Championship' for completeness. Perhaps one day it will be considered a World Championship of the same importance as the others, but I'm not holding my breath.

13 September 2023

2022-23 WGP Wrapup

In the previous post (see the last link in the following list), I wrote,
The series of four Women's Grand Prix events needs a wrapup post to pull everything together.

The posts documenting the four events were:-

Add a chart showing the cumulative Grand Prix points...

Standings - FIDE Grand Prix 2023

...and that's all I really need to do.

06 September 2023

2022-23 WGP, New Delhi & Nicosia

In the previous post, 2023 World Cup, Baku (August 2023), I reminded myself about a couple of actions:-
Last week, in Back in the Saddle with PGN (August 2023), I ended saying, "Next stop: The 2023 World Cup is nearing its finish in Baku. Also to do is the final leg of the Women's Grand Prix, last seen in 2022-23 WGP, New Delhi (April 2023)."

I tackled the first action in that Baku post, while the second action referenced an earlier post, 2022-23 WGP, New Delhi, Marred by Withdrawals (April 2023). The second action would have more accurately described as documenting 'the final *two* legs'.


2022-23 WGP, New Delhi

From Fide.com:-


2022-23 WGP, Nicosia

From Fide.com:-

The series of four Women's Grand Prix events needs a wrapup post to pull everything together.