24 February 2016

Zonal Qualifiers C13-C27 : Summary

After tackling 'Zonal Qualifiers' and 'Qualification Paths' for the last 15 World Championship cycles, I added links for each cycle to my index page on the World Championship Zonals (see the table at the bottom of that page). Here is a summary of the corresponding blog posts:-

While I was doing this, I noticed that one page, (C21) 2002-2004 Zonal Qualifiers is missing zone numbers for the qualifying players. I'll address that separately.

17 February 2016

Zonal Qualifiers C27 - Qualification Paths

After documenting the Regulations for Qualifiers C27, I added the list of players who qualified for the 2015 World Cup. The next step here would be to compare that list with the players who finally participated in the World Cup, but I don't think I've done that for any of the cycles since C17 (1995-97).

Another possible next step would be to work out the qualification paths for the cycles that I haven't tackled yet : C01 through C12. Part of that work has already been done (see 'G : GMG ' on my index page for the World Championship Zonals), so it needs to be reviewed and reworked into my own structure.

10 February 2016

Regulations for Qualifiers C27

Last April, in Zonal Qualifiers C25-C26, I started a project to document how players qualified from zonals++ into the next stage of the World Chess Championship. I eventually worked my way back to C13 and C14. Since that is as far back as I can go with the information I have at hand, I returned to the current cycle, Zonals 2014-2015 (C27) and added a new page to document the Zonal Qualifiers 2014-2015 (C27).

Next step: Add the qualification paths for the players who participated in last year's 2015 World Cup.

03 February 2016

C27 Zonal Links

Continuing with C27 Zonal Rating Reports, I added the new links from ratings.fide.com to the released page, Links (and Other References) Zonals. The page gives a nice overview of zonal championships during the last eight cycles.

World Chess Championship
Zonals : Links (and Other References)

I would like to have the same overview for all zones over all cycles, but the resulting table would be too unwieldy.