25 January 2012

New Zonal Clippings for C18

Counting down from New Zonal Clippings for C19, I added a few new clippings to C18: Zonals 1998-1999. I also discovered some new info for the World Chess Championship Zonals index page and will incorporate it ASAP.

18 January 2012

New Zonal Clippings for C19

Coming back to Missing Zonal Clippings, I added a clipping to C19: Zonals 2000-2001. On the same cycle I also found some new info for the index page World Chess Championship Zonals, but didn't add it because I need to check a few additional points on Wikipedia. The resource was unavailable today.

11 January 2012

New Zonal Clippings for C21 and C22

Continuing with Missing Zonal Clippings and following New Zonal Clippings for C23, C24, and C25, I added TWIC clippings to C21: 2002-2004 and C22: 2004-2005. I found nothing new on TWIC relevant to C20 and I expect to find the same when I tackle C18 & C19, the two cycles missing the most detail in my page on The World Chess Championship Zonals.

04 January 2012

New Label: Interviews

Is there anywhere a chess fan who doesn't like an interview on a hot topic with a world class player? I located all of the relevant posts on this blog and added the label 'Interviews'. Then I identified relevant posts on my main blog, i.e. interviews with a World Championship angle, and listed them here:-

Voila! An easy first-post-of-the-year.