29 April 2015

2014-15 Women's World Championship

I added two new pages to my World Chess Championship for Women:-

The first page still needs some work (PGN & Index of players), but should be finished in a week or so. The second page is just a stub, but I'll add to it as new information becomes available.

The second page includes an explanation of the FIDE rules leading to the title match. This would be a useful addition to the two previous title matches: 2011 Hou Yifan - Koneru and 2013 Hou Yifan - Ushenina.

22 April 2015

Zonal Qualifiers C18-C21

Continuing with Zonal Qualifiers C22-C24, I added four new pages to the series.

The first two of these pages are lacking any sort of timestamp, and all are missing information about their original source. The third has two lists, with some discrepancies between the two. I'll try to sort these out in a separate effort.

Working backwards, the next three cycles are going to be more challenging, because I have little information about their organization. Here are links to their crosstable pages.

The C15 and C16 events were Swiss systems. The Interzonals for cycles before C15 were organized as one, two, or three separate round robin tournaments.

08 April 2015

Zonal Qualifiers C22-C24

Using the basic techniques developed for Zonal Qualifiers C25-C26, I applied the same to the three preceding cycles:-

(*) The data format for C22, the first World Cup, is less friendly than the others. FIDE released the base data in pieces and I'm not sure I have the final edition -- many names are missing. On top of that, the data is in CSV format, which is nice for software processes, but not so nice for people. I'll try to improve the presentation for this cycle when I'm done with the initial round of data population.

01 April 2015

Zonal Qualifiers C25-C26

Continuing with Small Projects for 2015, the next project isn't so small. In Zonal Index Update 2014-10-15, I mentioned, 'List players qualifying to the next stage', i.e. players qualifying from the zonals to the next stage of a World Championship cycle. Since 1997, the next stage has been a knockout tournament.

I have many documents collected on my hard disk, but how to organize them? I started with the two most recent cycles:-

Each page has two parts. The first part gives some info about the source of the list. The second part gives the list of qualified players as published by FIDE. I'll continue backwards in time to see how this works for previous cycles. The new pages aren't yet linked from any other page. That will happen when I'm happy with the structure.