26 January 2022

C30 Zonal Clippings

After last week's post C30 Zonals Indexed (January 2022), the next step was to follow the lead established during the previous cycle, C29 Zonal Clippings (November 2019). First I created two new pages:-

Both pages are stubs. The first page, 'Zonals 2020-2021', only has crosstables for two events that took place before 2021. The corresponding 'Qualifiers' page is currently marked 'TBD'. After creating those pages, I plugged them into two index pages:-

The next step, of course, will be to flesh out the two stubs. I hope to tackle both at the same time.

19 January 2022

C30 Zonals Indexed

After identifying qualification events in C30 Zonals (January 2022), I added the required data to the index of World Chess Championship Zonals. In a similar exercise for the previous cycle, C29 Zonals Indexed (November 2019), I noted, 'The 28 new events make a total of 469 events recorded on the index.' The same calculation this time yields:-
The 18 new events make a total of 487 events recorded on the index.

The drop in the number of new events from 28 to 18 is, of course, a result of the covid pandemic which has swept the world during the last two years. The following chart shows the evolution in the number of events during the last five cycles, where each cycle took two years to complete.

C26: 2012-13, ... C30: 2020-21

The left column is the continent number -- '1' (= Europe), etc. -- where I use '0' for events not tied to a specific continent. In this chart, the count for continent '0' means the ACP Tour. It was undoubtedly suspended because of the pandemic, although I could find nothing official on the ACP's site Chessprofessionals.org.

All continents showed a drop in the number of events from C29 to C30. The drop for '2' (= Americas) was likely even more severe than the numbers show, because the C30 count includes three zones for which I could find almost no info. I'll look more closely into those for a future post.

At one point last year I wasn't sure if the cycle would go forward. I documented this in a pair of posts:-

That second post mentions Tornelo, which I documented in another post on my main blog:-

Tornelo was used in eight of the 15 events that I know took place (18 - 3). Three more events were played using other online platforms, meaning that just four events were played in a traditional face-to-face venue.

12 January 2022

C30 Zonals

Continuing with C30 Regulations for World Cup Qualifiers (October 2021), where I referenced 'Players lists and full pairings of FIDE World Cups published' (fide.com; June 2021), the following table uses the same format as the equivalent post for the previous cycle. C29 Zonals (September 2019). For each event, it references the corresponding number of 'The Week in Chess' (TWIC).

For many events, the FIDE document mentioned above, 'Players lists', references a page for the event in Chess-results.com. It turns out that these are only a subset of the events documented in TWIC.

1.0: TWIC 1386 (2021)
1.10: TWIC 1381

2.0: TWIC 1386 (2021)
2.1: TWIC 1356
2.2: TWIC 1387
2.3: (02)
2.4: (03)
2.5: (04)

3.0: TWIC 1386 (2021)
3.0i: TWIC 1386 (01, AICF)
3.1: TWIC 1387
3.2: TWIC 1388
3.3: TWIC 1383
3.4: TWIC 1384
3.5: TWIC 1387
3.6: TWIC 1377
3.7: TWIC 1311

4.0: TWIC 1386

In previous cycles continental championships were organized for both years of the cycle, with players qualifying from both events. In the current cycle, only a single event was held for each continent.

TWIC: 'AICF World Cup Qualifier 2021'; FIDE: 'Asian Continental - Indian Qual', 'India Asian quota qualifier'

See GM Albornoz, Cuba y Barrientos, Colombia na Copa do Mundo (fideamerica.org), which implies that the representatives from the zone were chosen by the zone president.

Same as '(02)'?

In the 'C30 Regulations' post, I wrote,

The covid coronvirus created havoc with qualifying events for the cycle C30. I hope I don't fall into any more traps along the way.

While I didn't see any traps, I did notice that the various events were not covered by the chess press as well as they were in previous cycles. The blame still falls on covid-19.

05 January 2022

2021 Grand Swiss PGN and Player Indices

As planned in two recent posts -- 2021 Grand Swiss Crosstables (November 2021), and 2021 Carlsen - Nepomniachtchi, Crosstable & PGN (December 2021) -- I finally finished related updates for the three events.

For the two Grand Swiss events, I added the PGN and updated both indices of players, unrestricted events and women's events. The links for all updated resources are in the 'Crosstables' post. At the same time I updated the index of players for the Carlsen - Nepo match.

Of 108 players in the unrestricted Grand Swiss, 17 were new to the index (although two still require an additional verification step). Of the 50 players in the Women's Grand Swiss, eight were new to the women's index.

The second half of 2021 was a busy period for the World Championship, with two cycles in full swing. FIDE has announced some plans for 2022, which will be the subject of a future post.