14 September 2011

A Feedback Loop for Zonals

The mysterious ebutaljib, last seen on this blog in my post on 'Chess Results' by Gino Di Felice, has been busy working on World Championship qualification paths, tracking players as they move through a championship cycle from zonals to interzonals and (for a lucky few) beyond. This exercise, which I last addressed in a post titled Qualification Paths, is an invaluable exercise -- a feedback loop -- for checking that the list of zonals for a particular cycle is complete and correct.

He flagged a number of errors and omissions to me, which I incorporated into my page on World Championship Zonals. Once again, thanks, ebutaljib! You can find examples of his own outstanding work starting at 00001 - 1886 - Windows Live, where he has documented the history of the World Championship in picture format.


Later: Along with corrections to the index of zonals, ebutaljib queried a number of clippings. I've documented his queries on the corresponding pages, all marked 'EK: ... [Ref. BI072028]' with a link back to this blog post.

In the pre-Internet days, the accurate transmission of tournament info was relatively error prone.

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