28 September 2011

2011 World Cup Results

After updating the latest event in the FIDE Women's Grand Prix (see Ladies First), I added the results and PGN to my page on the 2011 World Cup, Khanty-Mansiysk. A comparison with my page on the 2009 World Cup revealed that I'm missing a few notes on the 2011 event : (1) which rd.1 matches were decided by forfeit, and (2) the rules of the competition explaining the time controls, etc. I also noticed that I had no links to FIDE news leading up to the 2011 event. I'll check those points at the same time I update my Index of Players to add the participants in the latest World Cup.

Winner Svidler's previous best result in a FIDE knockout competition was a loss to Ponomariov in the semifinal round (rd.6) of the 2001-02 FIDE Knockout Matches. I imagine his win over Ponomariov in the semifinal round of the 2011 version was doubly satisfying.

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