13 February 2013

Zonal Overview 2013 1.x

Continuing with Zonal Overview 2013, I looked into the anomalies shown in the table on that post and added notes for them. The zonal numbering changed to the continental system in the mid-1990s, so the technique I used is only useful through cycle 15.

For cycles 16 and later, I created a similar table for the European continent, i.e. zones numbered 1.x. Not shown in the table are the first continental championships that replaced the zonals starting in cycle 20.

After analyzing these results, I'll tackle the American continent, zones 2.x.


Later: (zonals with more than one event; see INF57 for more crosstables)
C16 Z1.1: 1.1a Dublin; 1.1b Brussels; 1.1c Lisbon
C16 Z1.2: 1.2a Graz; 1.2b Zagreb
C16 Z1.4: combine -> 1.4-A&B Budapest 1993-03
C16 Z1.5: 1.5a Zouberi; 1.5a' Kladovo; 1.5b Protvino
C16 Z1.7: 1.7a Vilnius; 1.7b Nikolaev; Why two?
C18 Z1.7: 1.7? Tallinn; others?
C19 Z1.6: 1.6-1 Moscow 1999; 1.6-2 Samara (53rd RUS chp) 2000


C16 Z1.5: see note EK esp. 'playoff was in Athens'; Zouberi zt 1993; Kladovo zt 1993; 1993 Biel FIDE IZ: 15 Sokolov I GM BOS (how qualified?), 19 Abramovic B GM FIDE (Wikipedia: '1st at Kladovo 1993'), 39 Kozul Z GM BOS (1.2b Zagreb), 51 Nikolic P GM BOS (how qualified?)

C18 Z1.7: Zone 1.7 - J. Ehlvest (EST), D. Fridman (LAT), E. Rozentalis (LTU); Tallinn zt 1998 (Fridman, Rozentalis)

C19 Z1.6: 2000 FIDE Knockout Matches - RUS 16 players; Moscow 1999-12 - Sakaev, Bezgodov; Samara 2000-06 - Volkov, Kharlov, Rustemov; how did others qualify?

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