06 February 2013

Zonal Overview 2013

It's time to tackle the zonals again. This is partly because 2013 Is a Zonal Year and partly because I haven't touched the subject for almost a year. My first action was to recreate the table I created four years ago in Zonal Overview.

Although the format of the updated table, shown below, is substantially the same as the previous version, there is one important difference: the cycle numbering I use to keep the data together differs for 1997 and after (see Zonals, Current Cycles, and GM Kamsky for the reason I did this).

Just as I did the last time I created the table, I'll step through it methodically to investigate the anomalies, fix those that are errors, and document those that are the result of valid reasons.


Later: (zonals with more than one event)
C05 Z02: 2-1 (annulled) Berg en Dal; 2-2 Marianske Lazne
C05 Z09: 9-1 (East subzone) Sydney; 9-2 (West subzone) Madras; 9f Madras
C06 Z04: 4(qualifier) Leningrad (USSR chp); 4(zonal) Moscow
C10 Z03: 3 (1/2/3:C) Vraca; 3 (1/2/3:D) Pula; 3 playoff? Arandjelovac (Arandelovac)
C13 Z01: 1A Brighton; 1B Montpellier; 1C Barcelona (Castelldefels)
C13 Z02: 2A + playoff +TB Beersheba; 2B + playoff Gausdal; 2S (tnmt for Swiss seed) Zurich
C14 Z01: 1A Bath; 1B Budel; 1C Andorra
C14 Z02: 2A Munich; 2B/14 Gausdal
C14 Z03: 3A Warsaw; 3B Warsaw [no playoff]
C15 Z01: 1A Blackpool; 1B Lyon; 1C Yebenez
C15 Z03: 3A +playoff Stara Zagora; 3B +playoff Stara Zagora [no playoff]
C15 Z08: 8 Cali; 8 subzonal? Pinar del Rio CUB [delete]


C10 Z03: Arandjelovac zt playoff; IZ Biel - Smejkal; IZ Manila - Uhlmann; Adorjan tied for 1st-3rd but did not play IZ
C14 Z03: IZ Subotica - Sax; IZ Szirak - Marin; IZ Zagreb - Pinter, Inkiov
C15 Z03: IZ Manila - Ftacnik, Georgiev, Marin, Stohl

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