27 April 2011

Zonal '?'s

I spent some time going through my page on the World Chess Championship Zonals, looking for events marked with a '?', and trying to resolve the uncertainty. By doing this, I was able to eliminate about half of the '?'s on the page. The remaining question marks are genuine mysteries where I'm missing a piece of critical info. For example, in the second cycle (1951-54), I don't know how R.Wade qualified for the 1952 Saltsjobaden (Stockholm) Interzonal. If you have information on any of the events marked '?', please send me an email using the 'Contact' address behind my profile.

20 April 2011

'Chess Results' by Gino Di Felice

The same ebutaljib who helped sort out the qualifying events for Zonal Cycle 2008-2009 informed me about two books with crosstables for the early zonals: 'Chess Results' by Gino Di Felice, 1951-1955 and 1956-1960. I added these to the Clippings pages for cycles two (1951-54) through five (1960-63) linked at the end of my index page on World Championship Zonals.

While I was making the update, I added links from that index page to my individual pages on the Interzonals and to other events that depended on the results of the zonals. Thanks again, ebutaljib!


Later: In the same correspondence, ebutaljib commented on clippings for cycle five, Zonals 1960-63. I added the comments to relevant portions of that page: [Ref. BD191630].

06 April 2011

Forthcoming Zonals++ in 2011

In London, Siberia, Turkey, Siberia I noted a spate of upcoming continental championships and zonals, events qualifying players into the next World Cup, which is scheduled for August in Khanty-Mansiysk. To keep track of progress on these, I added a new column, KO Khanty-Mansiysk (Cycle 25), to my page on Zonals : Links (and Other References). It's worth noting that, in addition to the African Championships in June, there are zonals foreseen for all three African zones.