20 April 2011

'Chess Results' by Gino Di Felice

The same ebutaljib who helped sort out the qualifying events for Zonal Cycle 2008-2009 informed me about two books with crosstables for the early zonals: 'Chess Results' by Gino Di Felice, 1951-1955 and 1956-1960. I added these to the Clippings pages for cycles two (1951-54) through five (1960-63) linked at the end of my index page on World Championship Zonals.

While I was making the update, I added links from that index page to my individual pages on the Interzonals and to other events that depended on the results of the zonals. Thanks again, ebutaljib!


Later: In the same correspondence, ebutaljib commented on clippings for cycle five, Zonals 1960-63. I added the comments to relevant portions of that page: [Ref. BD191630].

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