25 September 2019

C29 Zonals

The previous post, C29 Regulations for World Cup Qualifiers, gave a summary of the different qualification paths for the 2019 World Cup currently taking place at Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia). Using that as a starting point, I identified 28 events that served as World Cup qualifiers.

For most events, the following table gives a reference from 'The Week in Chess' (TWIC). Where I could find no TWIC reference, I located a page giving results for the event.

0.0: (01, ACP)
1.0: TWIC 1222 (2018)
1.0: TWIC 1274 (2019)
1.0s: TWIC 1224 (European small nations; ESNA)
1.3: TWIC 1286 (Nordic Championship)
1.7: (02, Baltics)

2.0: TWIC 1232 (2018)
2.0: TWIC 1288 (2019)
2.1: TWIC 1273
2.2: TWIC 1277
2.3: (03)
2.4: TWIC 1276
2.5: TWIC 1276

3.0: TWIC 1259 (2018)
3.0: TWIC 1285 (2019)
3.1: TWIC 1286
3.1e: TWIC 1257 (Emirates Arab Championship)
3.2: TWIC 1272
3.3: TWIC 1275
3.4: TWIC 1282
3.5: TWIC 1241
3.6: TWIC 1268
3.7: TWIC 1259

4.0: TWIC 1289
4.1: TWIC 1278
4.2: TWIC 1279
4.3: TWIC 1278
4.4: TWIC 1278

Tour 2018. Standings (chessprofessionals.org; ACP)

TWIC 1228 : Baltic Zonal I Stage 2018
TWIC 1233 : Baltic Zonal II Stage 2018
TWIC 1236 : Baltic Zonal III Stage 2018

TORNEO ZONAL 2.3 EL SALVADOR 2019 "SSESTUYO" (chess-results.com)

The 'zonals' numbered 1.0s, 1.3, 1.7, and 3.1e were competitions to determine 'Nominees of the FIDE President'.

18 September 2019

C29 Regulations for World Cup Qualifiers

The 2019 World Cup is currently taking place in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia. While I'm waiting for it to finish is a good time to start documenting the qualifying events. I'll follow the same procedure as in the previous cycle, starting with:-

The list of qualifiers for the current cycle was published over the summer in World Cup 2019 Qualifiers and Contract (fide.com). Using the details in the related PDF document, I developed the chart shown below. The left side of the chart shows qualifying paths which were not taken from a standalone tournament, plus a count of players who qualified via each path. The right side shows a count of the players who qualified via direct competition, either a continental championship or a zonal.

My procedure for the previous cycle continued with the following steps:-

In hindsight, I can't believe it took so many steps to document the zonals++, but so it seems.

11 September 2019

Zonal Qualifiers C01-C12 Wrapup

Continuing with last week's Zonal Qualifiers C01-C12 More++, I added the following to the relevant pages:-
  • Links from the various clipping pages to the corresponding qualifiers.
  • Links from the qualifiers to the corresponding interzonals.
  • Links to various explanatory pages.

Thus ends the small project I started with Zonal Qualifiers C01-C16 (May 2019). There is more I can do with these pages -- much more -- but it's time to tackle something else. The 2019 World Cup at Khanty-Mansiysk started this week and the qualifying paths for the current cycle (C29) need to be addressed.

04 September 2019

Zonal Qualifiers C01-C12 More++

Continuing with last month's Zonal Qualifiers C01-C12, the original data used to create the C01-C12 pages had additional details about the qualifying events in the twelve cycles. I added these details to the C01-C12 pages.

Some details are superficial; others require further research; all are appropriate to understanding a specific cycle. For pointers to all twelve pages, see the 'QP' links on the index of World Chess Championship Zonals.