25 October 2017

C28 Zonal Clippings TWIC

Continuing with last weeek's post, C28 Zonal Clippings 2016, I added another 21 clippings to the page documenting the Zonals 2016-2017 (C28). These covered 19 zonals played in 2016-2017 (the Baltic zonal consisted of three events), making a total of 22 zonals covered over the past two years by Mark Crowther's The Week in Chess (TWIC), an indispensable tool for any chess historian. For the five qualification events remaining to be documented, preliminary info was given in C28 Zonals (September 2017). I'll add the documentation for those five as soon as I can.

18 October 2017

C28 Zonal Clippings 2016

After indexing the zonals for the current cycle, as documented a few weeks ago in C28 Zonals Indexed, I created a new page, Zonals 2016-2017 (C28), to collect crosstables and other clippings for the 27 events that qualified players into the 2017 World Cup. For now, the page has only clippings from TWIC for the three continental championships played in 2016, but the rest will follow soon. I added a link for the new page to the index of World Chess Championship Zonals and to the main index for the World Chess Championship.

11 October 2017

2017 World Cup Players

Continuing with my previous post, 2017 World Cup Results, I added links for the event to my four pages for the Index of Players covering all World Chess Championship events. According to my calculations, of the 128 players who participated in the latest tournament, 43 were taking part in a major World Championship event for the first time.

While documenting tiebreaks on my main blog for the previous World Cup, 2015 World Cup Tiebreak (October 2015), I counted the number of games played at each stage of the competition. Here is the same overview for the 2017 event.

The 'Tot' column shows the total number of games played in each round. The following columns show the number of games played for each stage of the round, tiebreaks starting at game three of each round (game five for the last round).


I have to solve a technical problem before adding the PGN file for the 2017 World Cup. I'll tackle that as soon as I can.

04 October 2017

2017 World Cup Results

I added crosstables for all seven rounds to my page on the 2017 World Cup. For the first time, I had considerable trouble to watch the games live. I'm not sure if it was the transmission service itself or something closer to home, but the signal for the live stream often dropped out.

Much of the interest in the event seemed to be for the two places in next year's Candidates tournament. Once that had been determined in the semi-final round, attention shifted to the Isle of Man Open, which overlapped the final round of the World Cup.

Congratulations to GM Aronian for his second victory in this very tough event; his first win was at the 2005 World Cup, Khanty-Mansiysk, which was the first of FIDE's World Cups. Congratulations to GM Ding Liren for his qualification into the Candidates tournament.

Still to do: Add the PGN game scores and add the names of the 128 players to the Index of Players.