28 January 2009

Three Star Games

Since end-1998, my page on the World Chess Championship : Three Star Games has used a clunky game viewer that was the best I could find ten years ago (example: 1834 Labourdonnais - McDonnell, Game 17). Having wanted to modernize the page for quite a while, I finally decided to point to the relevant pages on Chesssgames.com. • Next step: Identify more three star games.

21 January 2009

Other WCC Blog Posts

I created a directory of World Championship News on About Chess (chess.about.com during the period 2002-2008), i.e. blog posts. For now, it suffers from many broken links and is mostly for my own reference, but it might eventually evolve into something useful. Who knows?

14 January 2009

Zonals Spiffed

I improved my pages on individual cycles of the World Chess Championship Zonals (see links at the end of that page) by adding a standard header and a link back to the zonal index page.

07 January 2009

2010 Candidates

What do informed chess observers think about FIDE's recent proposal to introduce a Candidates' event in the 2008-2011 World Championship cycle?

What's the consensus?

  • Timing: Poor, don't introduce it mid-cycle.
  • Format: Good, but only as a candidate's event, not as a title event.
  • Privileges to certain players: Depends what you think of a particular player.