27 May 2015

Zonal Qualifiers C17

As I mentioned in Zonal Qualifiers C18-C21,
Working backwards, the next three cycles are going to be more challenging, because I have little information about their organization.

I located a list of the players qualified for the 1997 FIDE Knockout Matches (Groningen, XII, 1997), and added it to the page Zonals 1995-1997 (C17). That 1997 Groningen page says,

Kasparov (ranked 1st in the world), Kamsky (7th), and Z.Polgar (Women's World Champion) declined to participate. Kramnik (2nd) declined on the grounds that Karpov's direct entry into the final was unacceptable.

but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Matching the list of qualified players with the players who eventually showed up for the tournament, then showing how they all qualified, will be a separate exercise.

20 May 2015

More CAM Zonals

After my most recent post, 1972 & 1990 CAM Zonals, I had further discussions with Rafael Santana of Venezuela, who provided three types of updates to Central American zonals:-

The info for C19 was particularly helpful, because it identified an event ('2.3 Jalapa 1999-09') that I had not been able to locate previously. Thanks once again, Rafael!

13 May 2015

1972 & 1990 CAM Zonals

The last time we saw Rafael Santana of Venezuela on this blog was in a post about the Caracas Zonals. He's back again with detailed pages on two more Central American zonals, from which I extracted crosstables and for which I provided links on my own pages: C09: 1972-1975 ('7 Bogota 1972-02'), and C15: 1990-1993 ('8 Cali 1990-04').

While incorporating the new Bogota crosstable into my own page, I noticed a discrepancy between the old and new clippings. The reference for the new clipping explains this in some detail (translated from the original Spanish by Google):-

Among the various sources used to reconstruct the tables of results of the FIDE Zonal 7 - Bogotá 1972, there are discrepancies in the number of players, creating variations in the final score. In the journalistic report JAQUE magazine (01-09-1972, page 38) are registered only 16 of the 17 participants (Trotsky Yepez not shown) and the following explanation:

"There was regrettable withdrawals Ecuadorian TROZKY YEPEZ (SIC), illness, when he had 2 points from 7 possible and Venezuelan CARO when he had 4 points 8. (This last figure in the box classification having played more than 50 percent of the items, according to FIDE rules)."

The new Santana pages are on domain ajedrecito2.galeon.com. The links I used for 'Caracas Zonals', on ajedrecito.galeon.com, are not working ('Lo sentimos, esta página no existe o no está disponible') and I'm not sure why. Thanks again, Rafael, and I hope we can soon see all of your pages again.

06 May 2015

2014-15 Women's World Championship, Players

There were two open actions from my previous post 2014-15 Women's World Championship -- add the PGN to 2015 FIDE Knockout Matches and add the 64 participants to Index of Women Players -- both of which are now done. I counted 19 new names on the index.

After completing the update for the previous knockout, 2012 Women's World Championship, Players, I noted, 'Three posts to finish one page?! I must be slipping.' The same work for the current knockout took only two posts. Will I ever be able to get back to a single post, as in 2010 Women's World Championship?