20 February 2013

Zonal Overview 2013 2.x

I researched the anomalies flagged in Zonal Overview 2013 1.x, added my notes to that post, and created a similar table for zones numbered 2.x, the Americas, shown below. Some cleanup is required to make the numbering consistent and to eliminate subzonals, but that is light work. Is C16 Z2.5 missing?

Next on the docket: the Asian and African continents, zones 3.x & 4.x.


Later: Re the question on C16 Z2.5, I'm certain that zone 2.4 was split for the following cycle, C17, although I can't find a direct mention. The Interzonal for C17, the 1997 FIDE Knockout Matches, lists five players from zones 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5. Garcia,Gild (COL) and Hernandez,Gi (MEX) qualified from San Salvador zt 1995 (Z2.3). Granda Zuniga,J (PER) and Milos,G (BRA) qualified from Z2.4 Sao Paulo (see Zonals 1995-1997, C17). Morovic (CHI) qualified from Santiago zt 1995 (Z2.5).

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