21 September 2011

Ladies First

This week I had the choice between updating my page on the 2011-2012 FIDE Women's Grand Prix, where the Shenzhen event finished two days ago, and the 2011 World Cup, which finished on the same day. I chose to do the Grand Prix, won by Hou Yifan, who also won the first event in Rostov last month. The third event is scheduled for Nalchik in October, then we have the last three events spaced more evenly in 2012.

The official site for the latest Grand Prix event, shenzhen2011.fide.com, calls it the 'Snow Beer Cup - SZSZD FIDE Women Grand Prix Shenzhen 2011' on info pages like the 'Pairings & Results'. I've never had Snow Beer before. I wonder if I'm missing much.

I'll tackle the 2011 World Cup next time I do an update. Won by Peter Svidler, it was a very entertaining event to watch.

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