01 April 2015

Zonal Qualifiers C25-C26

Continuing with Small Projects for 2015, the next project isn't so small. In Zonal Index Update 2014-10-15, I mentioned, 'List players qualifying to the next stage', i.e. players qualifying from the zonals to the next stage of a World Championship cycle. Since 1997, the next stage has been a knockout tournament.

I have many documents collected on my hard disk, but how to organize them? I started with the two most recent cycles:-

Each page has two parts. The first part gives some info about the source of the list. The second part gives the list of qualified players as published by FIDE. I'll continue backwards in time to see how this works for previous cycles. The new pages aren't yet linked from any other page. That will happen when I'm happy with the structure.

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