30 August 2023

2023 World Cup, Baku (Azerbaijan)

Last week, in Back in the Saddle with PGN (August 2023), I ended saying,
Next stop: The 2023 World Cup is nearing its finish in Baku. Also to do is the final leg of the Women's Grand Prix, last seen in 2022-23 WGP, New Delhi (April 2023).

A few weeks earlier, in Back in the Saddle (August 2023), I had decided,

From now on, I'll rely on links to Wikipedia to document future World Championship events.

There are usually five sections to one of my pages:-

  • Crosstable
  • Official site and logo
  • Regulations in effect (optional)
  • FIDE news items about the event
  • PGN

The crosstable and PGN are no longer necessary. The regulations are still optional. The site, logo, and news might be useful for future reference.

FIDE World Chess Cup 2023 (fide.com)

From FIDE.com:-

What about the rosters of players -- specifically the Index of Players and the Index of Women Players -- across all events? I find both of them to be useful. Maybe I should link them to the blog post documenting the finished event.

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