26 February 2020

Small Projects for 2020

This year's 'Small Projects' post is almost six weeks later than last year's Small Projects for 2019 (January 2019), but it's never too late for a plan. This year will see the final two events of the current World Championship cycle (C29) -- the Candidates tournament and the title match -- which will dominate the WCC news.

An exercise for the current cycle is still not finished. Starting with C29 Regulations for World Cup Qualifiers (September 2019), through C29 Zonal Qualification Paths (December 2019), there remains 'C29 Zonal Rating Reports' and 'C29 Zonal Links'.

Two of the 2019 projects turned out not to be so small and I've documented their progress and completion at the end of the post (after '***'). Two more received no attention in 2019 and remain open:-

  • 2017-02-22: Missing Months
  • Another aspect of 'Championships in London' was the renewed interest for the English city in 1983.

Three of the 2019 projects are ongoing and need to be reviewed periodically. The current status is:-

Which one of these will I tackle first? Right now I'm thinking the C29 zonal posts or 1983 London.


'The history of the World Championship in the 1840s-1880s, a period spanning nearly 50 years, was centered on London. That important era deserves a closer look.'

Continue '2017-06-07: Zonal Qualifiers C01-C12 : Archive.org'

That last post mentioned, 'There is more I can do with these pages'...

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