04 March 2020

C29 Zonal Rating Reports

With only a few weeks remaining before the start of the 2020 Candidates Tournament, Yekaterinburg (15 March - 5 April, according to my page), I have just enough time to tackle the first of the Small Projects for 2020:-
An exercise for the current cycle is still not finished. [...] There remains 'C29 Zonal Rating Reports' and 'C29 Zonal Links'.

Most of the remarks I made for the same exercise in the previous cycle, C28 Zonal Rating Reports (February 2018; 'continental and zonal events that played a role in the current World Championship cycle: C28'), are still valid in 2020, so I'll just list the links to ratings.fide.com (rfc) for the current cycle. The link titles are from rfc.

I double checked those reports against my own page, Zonals 2018-2019 (C29), and everything seemed to match. My page was also useful as a template for building preliminary links to the rfc summaries by country/month.

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