11 March 2020

C29 Zonal Links

Continuing with the previous post, C29 Zonal Rating Reports, I added the links listed there -- all for ratings.fide.com -- to my page Zonals: Links (and Other References). That page now covers ten cycles (C20-C29), one cycle per column, which is probably as wide as it should be. I should also note a couple of details about the page, both related to my own conventions for numbering the FIDE 'zones':-
  • I changed the numbering for the 'European Small Nations Championship' from '1.10' to '1.0s'.
  • I added '3.1e' even though I'm not sure it served as a World Cup qualifier.

Both of those conventions need to be consistent across all of my other pages. The titles at the top of the page, e.g. '2001-11 KO Moscow', should also be linked to my corresponding pages.

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