12 February 2020

The Missing Link : Whither the World Championship?

Last week on my main blog, in Spectating the 90th FIDE Congress?, I introduced the agendas for the forthcoming '2020 FIDE Extraordinary General Assembly and Executive Board', and wrote,
Although the annexes attached to the agendas are pre-'90th Congress', they are all we have to document FIDE's activities in 2019.

As far as the World Championship is concerned, the most important of the annexes is the Global Strategy Commission report (GSC; Annex 5.10). The undated report started,

In 2019 GSC is being involved in various activities and projects. Here are the main points...

This allows me to continue a series last seen in 2018 FIDE Congress : Whither the World Championship? (January 2019). I ended that with the statement:-

The WCO appears to have been disbanded. Exactly what has replaced it is not entirely clear.

WCO stood for 'Commission on World Championship and Olympiads', which was replaced by the GSC. The 2019 GSC report didn't mention the single most significant action of the year, which was announced in the following video.

#GibChess Breaking News from FIDE Director General, Emil Sutovsky (3:09) • '[Published on] Jan 23, 2019'

It starts with GM Sutovsky saying,

The news is about our agreement with Worldchess, previously known as Agon. [Worldchess/Agon] previously had control over the whole World Championship cycle. It's no more. The agreement has been signed and starting from the next Candidates tournament and World Championship match, everything passes under the direct control of FIDE, so FIDE will be in charge of all these events, regaining control. [Worldchess/Agon] will conduct the Grand Prix series in cooperation with FIDE in 2019 and 2021.

Looking for more information about this, I went back through other FIDE announcements from 2019 and found only List of Q1 2019 Presidential Board Decisions (March 2019), which stated,

Q1PB-2019/25 To confirm the new Addendum to the Agreement with World Chess, approved by absentee voting in January 2019.

Although this news is more than a year old, it is just as important now as was it then. It helps to understand other FIDE news about the World Championship and its related political activites.

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