27 September 2023

Small Projects Checkpoint

After last week's post, Forthcoming Events (September 2023), it's time to shift gears. In the past I regularly prepared a summary of open points that required attention. The most recent posts were for 2020 and 2021:-

I'm not yet prepared to do a similar overview, but at least one topic demands attention -- documenting the qualification paths for the most recent World Cup, 2023 World Cup, Baku (August 2023). It's a time consuming procedure that involves pulling together various sources of information. Here's what I produced for the previous cycle (C30 in my system of numbering the World Championship cycles):-

While I was looking at those posts, I added the phrase 'World Cup' to my index pages. The entries for World Cup events previously listed only venues and years. That worked when there was only a single qualifying event for the Candidates event, but in recent years there have been as many as three qualifiers: the World Cup, the Grand Swiss, and the Grand Prix.

For the current cycle (C31), the Grand Prix has been scrapped and replaced by 'High-Level International Tournaments (HIT)'. See FIDE: 'No' to GPX and GCT; 'Yes' to HIT (January 2023), for the previous post on the subject.

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