19 August 2015

Zonal Qualifiers C15-C26 : Summary

Nearly five months ago, in my first post to document Interzonal++ qualifying paths, Zonal Qualifiers C25-C26, I wrote,
I'll continue backwards in time to see how this works for previous cycles. The new pages aren't yet linked from any other page. That will happen when I'm happy with the structure.

I've taken the project back to C15 and the following table shows the accumulated effort. For each of the twelve cycles, the columns link to the original page documenting the zonal events for the cycle ('Zonals'), the blog post where I released the results for one or more cycles ('Blog'), and the new page listing the qualifying paths for that cycle ('Qualifiers').

Cycle Zonals Blog Qualifiers
C15 1990-93 C15 1990-93Q
C16 1993-96 C16 1993-96Q
C17 1995-97 C17 1995-97Q
C18 1998-99 C18-C21 1998-99Q
C19 2000-01 -"- 2000-01Q
C20 2001-02 -"- 2001-02Q
C21 2002-04 -"- 2002-04Q
C22 2004-05 C22-C24 2004-05Q
C23 2006-07 -"- 2006-07Q
C24 2008-09 -"- 2008-09Q
C25 2010-11 C25-C26 2010-11Q
C26 2012-13 -"- 2012-13Q

The next step will be to add crosslinks to the pages in m-w.com. Many of the links in the 'Blog' column flag follow-up actions that need to be addressed separately.

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