26 August 2015

Zonal Qualifiers C15-C26 : Crosslinks

Returning to the table in Zonal Qualifiers C15-C26 : Summary, I linked all of the pages in the 'Zonals' column (aka clippings) to the corresponding page in the 'Qualifiers' column. I also linked each 'Qualifiers' page backed to the 'Zonals' page. As for individual pages, here are discrepancies I flagged in the blog post for each cycle.
  • C15: Zones 4 & 8
  • C16: Qualified by rating?
  • C17: Why Gelfand over Salov?
  • C18-C21: Incomplete data
  • C22-C24: Ditto
  • C25-C26: OK!

Before I tackle those points, I want to address a few more current aspects of the World Championship.

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