11 October 2007

Continental Championships and Zonals (2007-Q3)

Following up Continental Championships and Zonals (2007-Q2), here are Q3 qualifiers to the World Cup:-

4th Pan-American Championship (Zone 2.0): 'The IV Continental open took place 10th-20th July, 2007 in Cali, Colombia. The event was an 11 round Swiss Open. [...] Five players tied for first place but GM Julio Granda from Peru won the tie break and the title. Seven players have been qualified for the next World Chess Cup will be at the end of the year in Rusia: Julio Granda, Alexander Ivanov and Varuzhan Akobian (USA), Darcy Lima (Brasil) and the Panamerican Young IM Eduardo Iturrizaga (Venezuela), Matsuura Everaldo (Brasil) and GM Fernando Peralta (Argentina).' [TWIC663 : 'The Week in Chess' by Mark Crowther, no.663]

Asian Championship (Zone 3.0): 'The 6th Asian Individual Chess Championship took place 18th-30th September 2007 in Cebu, Philippines. 72 players from 17 countries include 29 GM, 1 WGM, 17 IM & 9 FM competed in 11 round Swiss System. Zhang Pengxiang edged out Wang Hao on tie-break after both finished on 8/11.' [TWIC673]

African Championship: (Zone 4.0) 'The 2007 African Individual Chess Championships were held at the Safari Court Hotel in the Namibian Capital of Windhoek from August 31 to September 10, 2007. [...] The Open Section was won by IM Robert Gwaze of Zimbabwe with an undefeated score of 7/9. IM Pedro Aderito of Angola took the silver medal ahead of IM Essam El Gindy of Egypt on tie-break.' [TWIC671]

Zone 3.2: 'Surya Shekhar Ganguly qualified for the FIDE World Cup in Siberia in November. Ganguly finished level on 9/11 with GN Gopal but won a rapid playoff match 2-0 to qualify. [...] Dhaka (BAN), 23-31 August 2007' [TWIC669]

The current list of qualifiers can be found on the FIDE page Qualifiers for the WORLD CUP 2007. The info and date publication change frequently. A few weeks ago the page said,

a) From World Championship Tournament 2007: 1. V. Anand (IND), 2. A. Morozevich (RUS), 3. P. Leko (HUN), 4. L. Aronian (ARM), 5. P. Svidler (RUS), 6. B. Gelfand (ISR), 7. A. Grischuk (RUS), * The 8th player - V. Kramnik - is replaced from the FIDE average rating list 7/2006 & 1/2007.

Today it says,

a) From World Championship Tournament 2007: 1. L. Aronian (ARM), 2. P. Svidler (RUS), 3. A. Grischuk (RUS), * Five players (World champion V. Anand, GM V. Kramnik, GM P. Leko, GM A. Morozevich and GM B. Gelfand are replaced from the FIDE average rating list 7/2006 & 1/2007).

Anand and Kramnik have parachutes into the 2007-2009 World Championship cycle. Have Leko, Morozevich, and Gelfand declined to play, or is there some other arrangement?

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