06 August 2008

'Pursuant to this Agreement...'

My first Web related task after Bye, Bye, About.com! was to delete the About.com links from my World Championship site.

These were originally created because of a contractual requirement 'to place a link to [About Chess] on Guide's existing site, if one exists'. It takes only a few minutes longer to place them on all pages rather than a single page, so that's what I originally did. The links produced a fair number of clicks into the site, consistently in the top-5 of external sites.

Removing the links was the first global change to the site since Round Trip Complete, when I added the links to this blog. While I was testing the change I was reminded that two other internal links in the header -- Highlights and Best games -- haven't been updated in years. Now that I have more free time, I should be able to tackle them in the coming months.

My page on 2004-05 Unification, which contains links to my material on About.com is going to be a problem. If I can't get permission to reuse the different posts, I'll have to come up with something else.

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