18 February 2009

Zonal Overview

The following table is based on my page for the World Chess Championship Zonals (version: 'Last updated 2007-09-14'). For each cycle it shows the number of events per zone. Like the zonal page itself, it is 'In process & preliminary!', to be used with caution.

The cycle number in the first column is an artificial number that I use internally to group events by cycle. The year corresponding to the World Championship (WCC) is a better reference for comparison with other sources.

Despite the obvious errors in the table -- three events for zone 3 in the 1978 cycle? -- it gives a useful, at-a-glance overview about the evolution of the zonals. I'll redo it after I eliminate the errors.

Cycle Zone
219548 11111111      
319577 1111111       
419609 111111111     
5196310 121111111     
6196610 1111111111    
7196910 1111111111    
8197210 1111111111    
9197510 1111111111    
10197813 11311111111   
11198111 11111111111   
12198412 11111111121   
13198718 4311111111111 
14199018 3221112111111 
15199323141221112312  2
16199625 14443          
18199721 9651          
19199919 8632          
21200115 1671          
22200414 2552          
23200518 2682          
24200710 172           


OlimpBase said...

Don't get it quite? What errors? The 1978 East European zonal had, like many other those times, two preliminary groups with top four players of each preliminary going through the final. That was actually one event with three sub-groups.

On the contrary, the 1987 and 1990 saw two separate zonals for Eastern Europe. Of each group two players went through. There should be two zonals listed in your table then in respective boxes.

Mark Weeks said...

Hello OlimpBase - Thanks for your comments. There appears to be a misunderstanding in the interpretation of the table.

The zonal cycle for WCC 1978 (no.10 in my table) covers the zonals played in 1975. The three 1975 zonals I have for zone 3 include one legitimate double count (which I won't discuss here) and one unconfirmed, to-be-investigated error (the Arandjelovac event).

The 1978 zonals that you mention (for WCC 1981, cycle no.11), I have listed as '3A+B->final; Warsaw; 1979-01'. This matches your description.

The 1987 and 1990 zonals that you mention are for WCC 1990 (cycle no.14) and 1993 (no.15) respectively. These I have listed for zone 3 as separate events -- two in 1987 (Warsaw) and two in 1990 (Stara Zagora) -- which is inconsistent with my listing for the 1978-79 Warsaw zonal. This inconsistency should be eliminated in my next upload of the master table...

The World Chess Championship : Zonals

...The misunderstanding in the years arises because the zonals, the first events in a new WCC cycle, were usually played in the last year of the previous cycle, which was the WCC title match itself. I have also stumbled on this and have introduced the concept of cycle number, which relates to WCC title event, to reduce future misunderstandings.

The inconsistency between my listing for the zone 3 events in 1978-79 and the events in 1987 & 1990 is a recurring problem in the current version of my master table ('Last updated 2007-09-14'). It was exactly this sort of problem that the blog post ('Zonal Overview') was intended to uncover. - Mark