10 June 2009

Catching up with Interviews

Besides playing World Champion level chess, most top chess players share a penchant for talking about playing for the World Championship. Too long has passed since my last roundup of interesting interviews (see 2010 Candidates), so it's time to catch up. I also include links to blog posts with relevant commentary from knowledgeable fans. To set the stage and provide some continuity, I'll start off by repeating a few links I used on that last post.

After negotiations failed between FIDE and UEP for the organization of the World Championship 2010-11 cycle (which I haven't yet covered in this blog), I expected more reaction from the top players. Is there another shoe ready to drop? In the meantime, UEP is running a series of innocuous interviews on their page www.uep-worldchess.com - News. The entry for 13 May mentions the FIDE negotiations.

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