02 December 2009

Getting Serious About Qualifiers

On several occasions I've mentioned the idea of adding qualifying events to my page on the World Chess Championship : Pre-FIDE Events. Posts where the idea came up are:

Other topics worth noting against 'Pre-FIDE Events' are:

  • 1905+: Challenges to Lasker
  • 1922: London rules
  • 1927+: The Alekhine - Capablance return match, other challenges to Alekhine
  • 1937: Euwe's attempt to transfer responsibility for the title to FIDE

Related topics already covered by other blog posts are:

Since it's not completely clear whether a particular event should be considered a qualifier, some criteria are necessary. One would be that the participants played with the expectation that success would bring an opportunity to compete in a match for the World Championship.

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