20 January 2010

Zonal Cycle 1995-1997

I added a first set of clippings for the cycle Zonals 1995-97 to my page on the Zonals. These were events that seeded players into the 1997 FIDE Knockout Matches at Groningen. In fact, these zonals were originally to have seeded players into a 1996 Interzonal, but the event was cancelled by FIDE and eventually replaced by the first knockout event, won by Anand.

Most of the first clippings were taken from Europe Echecs, and while they are little more than stubs listing the dates for the event and the names of the top finishers, they should be useful in locating full crosstables. Countries represented by the top finishers in zonal events usually receive better coverage in their national chess magazine(s).

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