18 August 2010

2009-2010 Women's Grand Prix, Ulan Bator

I added Ulan Bator (aka Ulaanbaatar), Mongolia to my page on the 2009-2010 FIDE Women's Grand Prix. Linked from that page is the official site where I noticed that the final crosstable had a column titled 'Res.' that I couldn't remember seeing before. I thought it might have something to do with tiebreak and found the following in the FIDE handbook, Regulations for the 2009-2010 Women’s FIDE Grand-Prix:
16. Closing Ceremony of each tournament: The Closing Ceremony shall take place according to schedule. The Organizer shall provide three trophies to the first three placed players. In each tournament, if two or more players tie for first place, the tie to decide the awarding of the trophies will be broken (in descending order) by 1. Direct encounter, 2. Sonneborn Berger Score, 3. Koya System

The column 'Res.' corresponds to what I understand by 'Direct encounter', i.e. the total result of games played between players having the same final score. My crosstables show the 'Sonneborn Berger' tiebreak in the 'T/B' column, while the 'Koya System' is described in another section of the handbook: Annex to the FIDE Tournament Regulations regarding tiebreaks.

The Koya System for Round Robin Tournaments • This is the number of points achieved against all opponents who have achieved 50 % or more.

The tiebreak has no effect on the calculation of Grand Prix points. It is only used to award trophies.

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