12 January 2011

Fischer in the World Championship

While working on a post for my main blog, The Brady Bunch, I noticed that Frank Brady's book 'Bobby Fischer: Profile of a Prodigy' (Dover 1989), had good summaries of all the zonal events where Fischer participated. I updated the relevant zonal pages with specific page references, combined them with links about Fischer from my World Championship Index of players (A-G), and created the following table. The links to zonal pages are in the 'ZT' column.

Fischer's World Chess Championship Participation
19601957-12; Brady p.20Portoroz 1958Yugoslavia 1959 
19631960-12; Brady p.41Stockholm 1962Curacao 1962 
19661962-12; Brady p.68   
19691965-12; Brady p.92Sousse 1967  
19721969-11; Brady p.155, 173-174Palma de Mallorca 1970Candidate Matches 1971Reykjavik 1972
1975   (1975 Fischer - Karpov)
1992   (1992 Fischer - Spassky)

The left column 'WCC' is the year when the corresponding title match was played. The right column 'TM' shows the title matches where Fischer had a role. I've included the 1992 Fischer - Spassky rematch in the TM column to avoid creating another column. I don't believe that anyone except Fischer considered that match to have been for a recognized title.

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