09 November 2011

ICCF World Championships (2011 Status)

Once again, here's my annual look at what's happening at the top of correspondence chess. The current status is shown in the following table, which is based on last year's post, ICCF World Championships (2010 Status) As before, the asterisk ('*') means the winner is known and the PGN game scores are available.

20 * (PGN?) 2004-11 Lehikoinen, Pertti (FIN)
21 * 2005-08 Oosterom, Joop J. van (NED)
22 * 2007-10 Dronov, Aleksandr (RUS)
23   2007- Started 2007-12-31
24   2009- Started 2009-06-10
25   2009- Started 2009-12-10
26   2010- Started 2010-06-10
27   2011- Started 2011-06-10

What's changed? The 20th championship has finished (see 20th World Champion on ICCF.com for an announcement) and the 27th has started. That makes three crosstables to be added to my page World Chess Championship : Correspondence Chess. In other news, the ICCF forum closed near the end of last year -- Forum, 'As decided at the 2010 ICCF Congress the ICCF Forums are now closed' -- but lives on at Archive.org : iccf.com/forum/*.

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