09 May 2012

Wikipedia's World Championship

A few days ago I posted a piece on my main blog titled A Chess Popularity Contest, which looked at Wikipedia's WikiProject Chess/Popular pages. Since more than 50 of those 1500 pages deal with the World Chess Championship, I list the ten most popular below.

The first column shows the relative position of the topic out of 1500, while 'V', 'A', and 'I' stand for 'Views per Day', 'Assessment', and 'Importance', respectively. For example, the main World Championship topic ranks 29th in popularity over all Wikipedia chess pages, received 550 views per day (in March 2012), is assessed to be of quality 'B' (whatever that means), and has top importance (ditto).

Pos Topic V A I
29 World Championship 550 B Top
43 World Championship 2012 415 Start High
113 World Championship 1972 159 B Top
220 World Championship 2010 68 B Top
246 World Computer Championship 60 Start Mid
247 Women's World Championship 60 Start High
332 World Junior Championship 44 Start Mid
378 List of world championship matches 38 List Mid
387 World Youth Championship 37 Start Mid
435 World Championship 2006 31 C High
444 World Championship 2013 31 Start Low

See the original WikiProject page for links to specific topics and explanations of the values in the columns. Not surprisingly, the 1972 Fischer - Spassky match is the only 20th century match to make the top-10 cut. Very surprisingly, four restricted events -- Computer, Women, Junior, & Youth -- also make the cut.

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