16 October 2013

2012-13 GP / 2013 WCC

My previous post, 2012-2013 Grand Prix, Paris, added the sixth and last event of the current cycle's GP series to my page on the 2012-2013 Grand Prix.

The next task was to add the GP series to each player on the Index of Players, which cross-indexes all World Championship events to the players who competed in the many events. The table on the left lists the 23 players who competed in the just completed GP. The middle column shows a player's overall score and the right column shows the number of games played.

It's worth noting that the most successful player, GM Caruana, did not qualify for one of the two places in the forthcoming Candidates tournament. Those qualification spots went to the next two players on the list, GMs Topalov and Mamedyarov, although GM Grischuk had the same score as Mamedyarov. These anomalies occurred because each player's worst GP tournament is dropped from the calculation of the overall score.

One action remains: to document the overall score for all players. Although I looked in all of the usual places, I couldn't find the FIDE calculations. This is still open for the 2011-2012 FIDE Women's Grand Prix, an event which finished two years ago. I could calculate the scores myself, but I'll probably end up copying them from Wikipedia.


While I was preparing updates, I also added a link for the official site to may page on the forthcoming 2013 Anand - Carlsen match. I found two official looking logos on that site and, not sure which one to use, I used both. The artier logo is shown on the left.

The opening ceremony takes place on 7 November, followed by the first game on 9 November. The games will be played at a rhythm of two games on consecutive days, followed by a rest day. If the match goes the distance, there will be an additional rest day between games 11 and 12, then between game 12 and the tiebreaks, which are scheduled for 28 November. Like most observers, I hope the match goes the distance. World class chess deserves a great show.

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