12 March 2014

Khanty-Mansiysk Candidates - Kickoff

The Candidates Tournament starts this week, so let's have some links:-

Here's a table with links to Chessgames.com showing how the eight participants have scored in play against each other and against World Champion Carlsen:-

  Ana And Aro Kar Kra Mam Svi Top : Car
Anand xx * * * * * * * : *
Andreikin   xx * * * * * * : *
Aronian     xx * * * * * : *
Karjakin       xx * * * * : *
Kramnik         xx * * * : *
Mamedyarov           xx * * : *
Svidler             xx * : *
Topalov               xx : *
Carlsen                 : xx

If you are wondering why this tournament is taking place only one year after last year's Candidates Tournament (see London Candidates - Wrapup for the coverage on my blogs), you aren't alone. Here's a snippet from the index page of my site showing all World Championship events since the unification match in 2006.

The World Cups have been held every two years since 2005. The title matches for those cycles have been held *after* the World Cup for the following cycle. This cycle will be the first in the unified series where the title match takes place *before* the World Cup of the following cycle. This makes the cycles easier to follow and to understand and is a good move on FIDE's part. The chess world now has a *non-overlapping* two-year championship cycle.

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Mark Weeks said...

If we substitute Anand for Carlsen, the top four finishers at the 2013 London Candidates are also playing in the 2014 Khanty-Mansiysk Candidates. The bottom four finishers -- Gelfand, Grischuk, Ivanchuk, and Radjabov -- have been replaced by four different players.