09 April 2014

Khanty-Mansiysk Candidates - Wrapup

Last post for the 2014 Candidates Tournament? If so, let's first have a summary of the action from two major chess news sources.

Rd. Chessbase Chessvibes
R0 Who will win the 2014 Candidates? Part 1, Part 2All systems go for the 2014 Candidates tournament Preview & Predictions by Top GMs
R1 The Madras Tiger breaks Aronian Anand Beats Aronian in First Round
R2 Three wins and the race is on Three Winners in Spectacular Second Round
R3 Anand grabs early lead with 2.5/3 Anand Beats Mamedyarov, Back in Sole Lead
R4 Aronian, Mamedyarov win Mamedyarov & Aronian Win, Anand Maintains Lead
R5 Svidler pounces Lucky Win For Svidler, Anand Still Leads
R6 Spoilt opportunities Topalov beats Kramnik, Svidler Self-Destructs vs Mamedyarov
R7 Pandora's Box Aronian Catches Anand in Fascinating 7th Round
R8 A solid round Quick Draw Aronian-Anand, Karjakin Beats Svidler
R9 Decisive Round?! Shocking 9th Round: Anand Wins, Aronian & Kramnik Go Down
R10 Kramnik's downfall Kramnik Blunders, Loses to Svidler
R11 All Null Four Draws, Anand Closer to Victory
R12 Time is running out Missed Chances For Anand, Topalov Beats Svidler
R13 Anand-Carlsen rematch! Anand Draws, Clinches Rematch with Carlsen
R14 Karjakin grabs second Karjakin Second After Beating Aronian, Anand Undefeated

Then let's have a wrapup of my own posts, as in last year's

Here are posts from this WCC blog:-

And here are posts from my main blog:-

Is this really the last post for the Khanty-Mansiysk Candidates? I wouldn't bet on it.

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