21 May 2014

Overlapping Cycles in the 1980s

While working on a post for my main blog, Kasparov TMER: Last updated 2014-05-19 [TMER: Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Record], I realized I had only a hazy recollection of the events surrounding the Kasparov - Karpov title matches played in the 1980s, especially the two overlapping cycles provoked by the termination of the 1984 match. My index page, World Chess Championship : FIDE Events 1948-1990, shows a nice, orderly progression of the two key cycles (C12 & C13), which is misleading.

Here are those same events presented in chronological order. The '}' in the last column shows events in the two cycles which were played at the same time.

  C12: 1982-1984 C13: 1985-1987  
Karpov - Kasparov (I)    
1985-04/-07   IZ Tunis
IZ Taxco
IZ Biel
1985-09/-11 Kasparov - Karpov (II)   }
1985-10/-11   CT Montpellier }
1986-01/-02   CM QF Matches  
1986-07/-10 Kasparov - Karpov (III)   }
1986-09/-10   CM Sokolov - Yusupov }
1987-02/-03   CM Karpov - Sokolov  
1987-10/-12   Kasparov - Karpov  

While working on this last table I noted a few other points of interest, but ran out of time before I could investigate them further.

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