30 July 2014

Zonal Clipping Update, C13-C16

With World Championship events taking a back seat to the 2014 Olympiad, scheduled to start in a few days, it's a good time to catch up on my zonal backlog. My previous post, Zonal Clipping Update, C20-C26, was mainly an effort to fill in a few missing events; this post is a mixed bag of minor updates.

C13: When I first started to gather clippings (see More Zonal Clippings, June 2008) I especially liked finding summaries of all events in a zonal cycle, because these filled multiple gaps in the record. Now that I have more detailed clippings for most events, the summaries are superfluous. Here I deleted one. • Zonals 1984-1987 (C13)

C14: I added a clipping from Polgar & Shutzman's 'Queen of the King's Game', documenting Polgar's exclusion from the Warsaw event in zone 3. • Zonals 1987-1990 (C14)

C16: I added a number of clippings from Informant 57. Although these are the second (or third) clipping for the specific event, they contain information not found in the other clippings. • Zonals 1993-1996 (C16)


Back to the C14 clipping, a few paragraphs after the discussion of the zonal exclusion, I found the following.

Re the sentence, 'Her case contributed to the changes FIDE had made to erase the title "Men's World Championship"', did FIDE once refer to the title as the 'Men's World Championship'?

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