13 April 2016

Moscow Candidates - Wrapup

I ended my previous post, Moscow Candidates - My Resources, with a few follow-up actions. First, I added the tiebreak regulations to my permanaent page on the 2016 Candidates Tournament. Then I added the names of the eight players to my Index of Players. As I did for the previous event, Khanty-Mansiysk Candidates - Wrapup (April 2014), here is a list of noteworthy resources from two of the chess world's premier news sites.

Rd. Chessbase Chess24
R0 Opening ceremony at the Candidates 2016
R1 Anand the first to score Round 1 Commentary
R2 Nakamura implodes, Karjakin strikes! Round 2 Commentary
R3 Aronian beats Topalov Round 3 Commentary
R4 Super Sergey! Round 4 Commentary
R5 Fabiano’s Benoni! Round 5 Commentary
R6 Anand beats Svidler, Aronian wins Round 6 Commentary
R7 Nakamura beats Topalov Round 7 Commentary
R8 Caruana is back! Round 8 Commentary
R9 Anand beats Aronian Round 9 Commentary
R10 Caruana wins, joins lead Round 10 Commentary
R11 Vishy Anand, the comeback man! Round 11 Commentary
R12 Young guns forge ahead! Round 12 Commentary
R13 It's Karjakin or Caruana! Round 13 Commentary
R14 Sergey Karjakin is the new Challenger! Round 14 Commentary Part 1, Part 2
  Candidates closing ceremony revisited

This current post is the last in a series that stretches back more than a month:-

Finally, here are related posts from my main blog:-

All in all, the tournament was a great show -- plenty of suspense, drama, off-board antics, and really great chess. Like the rest of the chess world, I'm already looking forward to the World Championship match later this year!

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