14 December 2016

Carlsen - Karjakin, Wrapup

It's time to wrap up the recent World Championship match, the same way I did for the two previous Carlsen matches: Carlsen - Anand, Wrapup (December 2013) and Carlsen - Anand II, Wrapup (December 2014). Let's start with a number of posts, mainly on this blog, that preceded the match.

During the match I posted a number of weekly 'progress reports'.

On my main blog, 'Chess for All Ages', I ran two series on the careers of the match protagonists.

I also looked at a number of aspects surrounding the match.

While the match was being played, I ran a weekly post on the mainstream press reporting.

Last, and probably least, I looked at the match in the context of a new series, the 'Sociology of Chess'.

Whenever a World Championship match is held, chess comes into focus for a few intense weeks. In two years we'll see GM Carlsen defend his title against another strong challenger, maybe GM Karjakin, maybe someone else. See you then!

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