07 August 2019

Zonal Qualifiers C01-C12 Crosstab

After creating the pages for Zonal Qualifiers C09-C12 (July 2019), I set up the corresponding data for cycles C01 through C08. Since I didn't have time to create the pages for those cycles, I used the remaining time to get a bird's eye view of all the data.

Zonal Qualifiers by Cycle by Zone

C02 & C03 (left of red line) use unofficial zone numbering


  • The row with zone blank counts mostly seeded players. The row with zone '?' counts players where I couldn't determine the qualification path. Were there no seeded players in C04 and C05?

  • The count for 'C10 Z01' includes Z02 and Z03. The players from the three zones were combined into a single pool and distributed across four tournaments.

  • The count for 'C11 Z11' includes three players for Z11 (all YUG) and one for Z12. The zonal was split for the next cycle.

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