21 August 2019

Zonal Qualifiers C01-C12

Continuing with two recent posts:-

I added HTML titles etc., to make the 12 pages look like other pages in the zonal qualifier series. Then I added the links for the 12 pages to the index for the World Chess Championship : Zonals (near the bottom of the page). The data shown on each page is from different sources:-

  • Player : name as given on 'GMG data'

  • GMG data : see Zonal Qualifiers C01-C16 (May 2019) • NB: This data was originally organized by continent. That high-level information was lost during the creation of these C01-C12 pages. Non-specific designations like 'Zonal' and 'West Zonal' are to be understood within the context of a non-specified continent.

  • Zt : the zonal tournament as numbered on the corresponding 'Clippings' page; early cycles are marked '*' to indicate my (unofficial) numbering

  • IZ : the interzonal to which the player qualified

I'll add additional supplementary data -- IZ references, data legend -- to the 12 new pages as soon as I can.

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